INTERVIEW: Mutle Mothibe

Mutle Mothibe is no stranger to the Word N Sound stage. In our first season last year he took home the 2nd place prize in our Open Mic challenge and will be back on our stage this Saturday along with soul duo LoveGlori and slam poet Dikson Slamajamjar.

Qhakaza: If you were given a blank cheque to put on one of your one-man shows, what kind of show would you put on and where would you have the show?

Mutle Mothibe: I’d work with the animators behind Bleach and Naruto and have them interpret my work in visual format. I’d also use holograms (LOVE this stuff and I trip on ideas that pop up about them as props). I’d bring in magicians; I’ve studied and collaborate with them one or two of my pieces my pieces. Have a full on orchestra for another piece and a ballerina also interpret one of my pieces.

There is a lot more he would do with that bank cheque, read all about it HERE…and someone please start working on the cheque because I would really love to see a show like this.

Click HERE to read the full article.

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