I first heard LoveGlori at one of my most memorable roof top parties of 2011. Main Street Life’s rooftop was abuzz with art enthusiast, colour, good music and just a generally good vibe.

As always, we caught up with them (in cyberspace) to give you a glimpse of what you can expect for this female soul duo at this Saturday’s episode of Word N Sound featuring Mutle Mothibe, LoveGlori and Dikson Slamajamjar.

“South Africans aren’t really supportive. Especially if the sound is not commercial. We would rather pay R700 for an American act on a backing track than R40 for live bands. Our people lack appreciation for the work behind art (not jus music, all forms of art). And when the album comes out we would rather buy it off the streets for 10 bucks or “skyf” it from a friend.” – LoveGlori

Click HERE to read more.

6 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: LoveGlori

  1. Simpi says:

    Love thier sound.Real Music>>>


  2. Simpi says:

    I love their sound>>>


  3. Sbu G Sbuda says:

    True what is said about how we perceive our local artist’s we buy them cheap and usually they sell emselves hard. Love Glori is 1 of those that should be on international standards,however due to the common dine nd wine to crap music we cannot hear nd listen to real music.

    I got to say mina that loveglori is on the right path they should just keep making music to those that appreciate true artistry in SA.

    May They be Blessed With each note,key,lyric,and melody they send out!

    Am a Groupie Str8 Up!


  4. Nathi Khumalo says:

    Even If they charge R700 a gig, I will still be there. Luv luv glory


  5. Thabo Six says:

    They vistited the Afrikan Freedom Station in 2012 and loveglori brought the house down, and we as LOJEGO MARKETS want to give them the glory they deserve in this industry


  6. nomfundo gwiji says:

    I love this band


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